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Modern Integrated Industrial Company

  • The Company's core operations are in six residential areas in Kazakhstan.
  • Four upgraded concentrators
  • Two metallurgical complexes

A Team of True Professionals

  • 20,000 employees
  • 11,000 employees take annual training courses paid by the Company
  • It costs the Company KZT1.0 billion.
  • 9,500 employees are trained in three and more allied professions

High Quality Products

  • 23 finished products
  • A proprietary process is used for refined gold production. 
  • The Company’s gold and silver are under Good Delivery Brands on the London Bullion Market ("Deer" brand).
  • Kazzinc produces 80% of Kazakhstan bank gold.

Responsible Environmental Protection Policy 

  • Since its foundation, the Company has invested over KZT 96 bln in environment protection.
  • In 2022 Kazzinc will be the first in Kazakhstan to implement the best available environmental protection technologies. 
  • 18 types of wastes are recycled and reused. 
  • The water recycling rate is over 98%.


  • Kazzinc contributes in taxes 40% of the total East Kazakhstan regional budget. 
  • Annual contributions to community development exceed KZT 11 bln.
  • The Company supports health care, educational, sports and cultural institutions.
  • The share of Kazakhstan content in procured goods and services is above 70%.

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Latest news


Kazzinc Has Gifted the Unique Sports Complex to Students

The opening ceremony of an open-air sports ground for students was held in Ust-Kamenogosk, at one of the hostels of the East-Kazakhstan Technical University after Daulet Serikbayev.

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Kazzinc Handed Over Surgery Equipment to the East-Kazakhstan Regional Hospital

Two sets of new equipment with the total value of 67M Tenge ($130K), have been installed at the Operating Unit of the Surgery and Traumatology Departments. The foreign made equipment will significantly improve the quality of...

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Kazzinc Handed Over to East-Kazakhstan Schools Leaflets with Safety Rules for Children

Kazzinc together with the East-Kazakhstan Education Department and Police, are running the annual “Road to School” campaign. Colorful leaflets with life-saving behaviors on them, have been sent to all junior students of the r...

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Kazzinc donated a batch of carbon monoxide sensors to people in need

Nearly 2,000 CO detectors are to be installed by the rescue teams in stove-heated houses where large families with minors and low-income families reside. These essential devices were purchased by Kazzinc Ltd.

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Kazzinc donated a batch of carbon monoxide sensors to people in need

Smash Tennis Center hosted an international women's tournament of ITF World Tennis Tour W25 - Kazzinc Open series with the participation of the World Ranking athletes.

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Kazzinc awarded the winners of the annual National Heroes Prize

In Ust-Kamenogorsk, the winners of the ‘Izgi Zhurek’ (Kind heart) Prize, established by Kazzinc four years ago, were awarded. Award winners are East-Kazakhstan citizens who risked their lives saving other people during the y...

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On Metallurgist’s Day Kazzinc organized a trip through historical eras and cities

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary and Metallurgist’s Day, Kazzinc arranged an unusual entertainment program for employees and guests in Ust-Kamenogorsk. The city amusement park has turned into a pleasure ground

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Kazzinc worker is recognized as one of the best welders of the East Kazakhstan region

Anatoliy Nikishin, a young employee of the company, electric and gas welder of Metallurgical Equipment Maintenance Plant of Ust-Kamenogorsk Metallurgical Complex, participated in the WorldSkills regional championship for the...

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Ust-Kamenogorsk Lead Smelter celebrated its 70th anniversary

On June 25, 1952, first lead was produced at Ust-Kamenogorsk industrial site. The enterprise that was founded then later became part of Kazzinc Ust-Kamenogorsk Metallurgical Complex (UKMC)

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Kazzinc Ltd. was presented a special award of Mining & Metallurgy Congress

Kazzinc Ltd. took part in Astana Mining & Metallurgy (AMM) Congress held in Kazakhstan. This event unites all the leading businesses of the industry. An anniversary award was presented to our Company as a part of the AMM agen...

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Kazzinc Has Joined Sustainability Initiatives at the International Congress

Kazzinc has become the principal partner of the International Congress - "Green Life Better” held in Nur-Sultan on June 02, 2022. Representatives of largest companies, governmental authorities and international organizations...

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Kazzinc Employee Is Awarded Prestigious Safety Prize

Larissa Kossolapova, an employee of a Kazzinc site in Eastern Kazakhstan - Ridder Metallurgical Complex, was selected one of the best Technical OHS Inspectors in Kazakhstan.

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Kazzinc Employee Helped People Injured in Road Traffic Accident

An employee of a Kazzinc site in Ridder (Eastern Kazakhstan) helped unknown people who suffered in an emergency

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Kazzinc Helped Organize Learning Space at Special Needs Library

Kazzinc has helped set up a children’s reading room at the East-Kazakhstan Regional Library for blind and visually impaired people.

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Pilot Project “Industrial Safety Inspector” of the Emergency Situations Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Kazzinc will help to monitor safety at metallurgical and mining production sites online. Shortly before, a mem...

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Kazzinc Ltd sponsored East-Kazakhstan representative team in para table tennis

In Pavlodar (Kazakhstan) there was an open cup tournament in para table tennis. Kazzinc sponsored the trip of the representative team of East-Kazakhstan Region

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Wagons Derailing Alert

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Казцинк поддержал акцию "Час земли"

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Kazzinc Helps Women Entrepreneurs Get to Global Event

International Forum “Women help Women” is a dialogue platform on the problems of women’s and social entrepreneurship

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Ridder is commissioning a unique system to move ore to the surface

One of Kazzinc sites - Dolinny Mine - located in Ridder, Eastern Kazakhstan, is implementing a unique engineering solution.

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Kazzinc managers will help children in orphanages to choose their future career

The support provided to Umit Orphanage by the largest producing company in Eastern Kazakhstan is not limited to sponsorship only

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How will the pay change for metallurgy and mining personnel?

One of the country’s largest mining & metallurgical companies - Kazzinc - has replied to the reporters’ question about the pay raise. Its operations are going not just to increase salaries, but modify the remuneration system...

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Kazzinc made donations to KAZAKHSTAN HALKYNA fund

Kazzinc Group donated 13 billion tenge to social investment fund KAZAKHSTAN HALKYNA (‘to the people of Kazakhstan’). The money of this fund will be used for resolution of the most critical social issues.

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Kazzinc supported forest protection campaign

Kazzinс sponsored the environmental action “Protect and Preserve the Fir Tree” in Ridder, East Kazakhstan re

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Kazzinc together with the community members collected New Year gifts for little patients

On the eve of the upcoming New Year the local hockey team players and Kazzinc employees visited Regional Children’s Hospital to present New Year gifts to the little patients

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Kazzinc sponsored Art-Therapy Project for special children

A special charity program for children was launched in Ust-Kamenogorsk. This unique art therapy project was supported by the metallurgists

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Kazzinc sponsored the first in Kazakhstan TV series for kids on environmental topics

The largest industrial company in East Kazakhstan jointly with the regional Department of Education and Valeological School presented a TV series of educational films on environmental topics.

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The President of Kazakhstan awarded Kazzinc CEO with the honorary title

On the eve of the 30th anniversary of Independence Alexander Khmelev, Kazzinc CEO, was awarded the title of "Қазақстанның Еңбек Ері" (Hero of Labour of Kazakhstan) by the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan,...

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Kazzinc has conducted a drill to improve safety

A large-scale top-table emergency exercise has been conducted at the Altay Mining and Concentrating Complex - one of the Kazzinc sites in the East-Kazakhstan Region. The participants were supposed to practice how to adequatel...

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Kazzinc Ltd. sponsored a contest organized in support of business women

Business Women KZ Association has held a regional qualifying round of the national competition "Business Lady Qazaqstan" among female entrepreneurs of East Kazakhstan. The general sponsor of the event was Kazzinc Ltd

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A sound dust barrier built at Altay TSF

Kazzinc continues reinforcing the dam and installation of the tailings dam beach irrigation system at Altay Mining and Concentrating Complex

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The New Polymetallic Concentrator in Zhairem has been voted the Project of the Year

According to the jury for the National Industrial Contest among Mining and Metallurgical Companies - Golden Hephaestus, the most prestigious award in Kazakhstan, the Zhairem Polymetals Project has been voted the best in 2021

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Kazzinc has launched the New Polymetallic Concentrator

On October 20, the new operation was launched in Zhairem, Karaganda Region

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A metallurgist form Ridder was awarded for rescuing a child from fire

Vadim Bedayev, an employee of Ridder Metallurgical Complex, Kazzinc Ltd. (Eastern Kazakhstan) was honored for a heroic act

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Kazzinc Implements Emission Reduction Project Jointly with Environmental Authorities

Kazzinc is the first mining and metallurgical company who on its own initiative decided to implement the most advanced and efficient off-gas treatment technologies in its operations

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Kazzinc provides hospitals with liquid oxygen

The largest industrial company in East Kazakhstan Region continues to support public health facilities during COVID-19 pandemic. Kazzinc provided oxygen for medical purposes to help severe case patients.

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Kazzinc Copper Plant celebrated its first 10-year anniversary

In 2011 a major industrial project in the history of East Kazakhstan Region (the East of the country) was completed - Copper Plant construction at Ust-Kamenogorsk Metallurgical Complex (UK MC). State of the art operation of K...

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Kazzinc granted KZT1M awards to the heroes who have put their lives at risk rescuing other people

This is the fourth year in a row that Kazzinc grants the ‘Kindly Heart’ award. Award winners are East-Kazakhstan citizens who risked their lives to save other people during the year

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Kazzinc monitoring tailings dams via satellite

Kazzinc is striving to make the Talovsky TSF operation in Ridder as safe as possible

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Kazzinc sponsored the contest of young emergency response and rescue teams of Altay District

A contest among the teams of high school seniors of the local communities was organized by Emergency Department of Altay District (East-Kazakhstan Region) and sponsored by the largest mining company of the region

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“Smash” Tennis Center in Ust-Kamenogorsk hosted a Masters tournament

The competitions were sponsored by Kazzinc Ltd.

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Kazzinc Provides Relief Assistance to the Fire Victims

Being a key employer in the town, Kazzinc donated KZT 1M to each family which has suffered loss of their homes

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COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Started at Kazzinc

Kazzinc, the largest company in the East Kazakhstan Region, in collaboration with the local governmental authorities launched the COVID-19 vaccination campaign for its employees. The vaccine is provided at no cost by the Stat...

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Ridder Metallurgical Complex Celebrated 55th Anniversary

The Ridder Metallurgical Complex of Kazzinc has celebrated two anniversary events at once - it has produced 5.5M tonnes of zinc for 55 years of operation

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Kazzinc has paid for the medical survey of special children

Once again Kazzinc supported the initiative of parents of special children that require periodical brain screening - Electroencephalogram (EEG) - in Ust-Kamenogorsk

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UKMC Copper Refinery Harvested the 10 Millionth Copper Cathode

In 2011, the Copper Plant - one of the most important projects in the history of Kazzinc - was put into operation. In February 2021, the Copper Plant celebrated the first anniversary event - the 10 Millionth Copper Cathode wa...

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Праздничный фильм к 24-летию Компании.

Праздничный фильм, посвященный результатам, которых "Казцинк" достиг к своему 24-му дню рождения

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Kazzinc’s Asset Uses the State-of-the-Art Driver Fatigue Monitoring (‘AntiSleep’) System

The driver fatigue monitoring system was installed in the mining machines and trucks used by Altyntau Kokshetau JSC, a large gold producer and one of Kazzinc asset

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Kazzinc presented special bracelets to volunteers

2020 was declared Volunteer Year in Kazakhstan. Initiative people across the country come together to help those who find themselves in a difficult life situation. The support of caring Kazakhstani people was especially relev...

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Kazzinc Supports Ambulance Service in Ust-Kamenogorsk

The largest company of the region has extended the Agreement for payment of transport costs for the mobile ambulance crews in Ust-Kamenogorsk until end January 2021

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Kazzinc Presented Gifts To Small Patients Within a Charity Campaign

Torpedo hockey players and Kazzinc metallurgists visited the Regional Mother and Child Care Center (Regional Children’s Hospital) to present the New Year gifts to young patients

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Kazzinc Donated Special Equipment to Children with Special Needs

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and acute respiratory viral infection, Kazzinc donated medical appliances to the Ust-Kamenogorsk Center for Children with Special Needs

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Kazzinc Donated Advanced Medical X-Ray Equipment for Ridder Residents

Through Kazzinc’s support and assistance, the Ridder branch of the Regional Medical Center now enjoys a new multifunctional digital Roesys X-Twin radiography system

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Kazzincmash produced an anniversary UG mining locomotive

The 150th UG mining electric locomotive was assembled at Kazzincmash, the machine factory of Kazzinc in Ridder

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Kazzinc Donated to the Medical Center in Ust-Kamenogorsk to Open a PCR Test Lab for COVID-19 Diagnostics

On November 10, 2020, a test laboratory was opened in the Medical Center in Ust-Kamenogorsk to perform COVID-19 PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests

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A unique digital twin of the operating system was implemented by Kazzinc in Kokshetau

A digital twin - a system completely projected onto software environment - of one of the world’s largest Outotec mills, is being successfully implemented at the Gold Recovery Plant of Altyntau Kokshetau

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Kazzinc employee rescued two people from the fire

On October 20, Igor Medvedev, furnace operator of Lead Plant, Ust-Kamenogorsk Metallurgical Complex, Kazzinc Ltd, rescued two neighbors from the fire

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A Special Practice Site has been created at Ridder Kazzinc-Shakhtostroy

Ridder Training Center (East Kazakhstan) has improved training of newly recruited staff. Theoretical training is now supported by hands-on activities at the Practice Site created at the discretion of Kazzinc-Shakhtostroy IC m...

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Kazzinc Employee is the Winner of WorldSkills Shygys-2020

Savely Chechetkin, a young employee of the Machine Building Plant of Kazzinc - Kazzincmash, won the prestigious professional contest.

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Kazzinc Released 300’000 Carp Fries into the Bukhtarma Reservoir

Kazzinc is one of the largest natural resource users in Kazakhstan. Its environmental program includes stocking of the Bukhtarma reservoir. Being a key partner of the Bukhtarma Fish Hatchery, Kazzinc annually allocates funds...

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The Best Manager-2020 has been determined

Yevgeniy Veselov, Truck Fleet Manager, Kazzinc Trans Ridder site, has won the Best Manager-2020 awards.

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Kazzinc-Energo Director Was Awarded a Medal Established by the Kazakhstan President

Irina Salnikova, Director of Kazzinc-Energo was awarded a medal established by Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Constitution.

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IT Technologies used at Kazzinc give a chance to take a look into the future

JSC Altyntau Kokshetau, one of Kazzinc's operations located in Kokshetau, uses special software to define ore reserves in the open pit.

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Kazzinc CEO was awarded with a badge of Ust-Kamenogorsk Honorary Citizen.

On the eve of Constitution Day Alexander Khmelev, Kazzinc CEO, was awarded with a special title and a badge of Ust-Kamenogorsk Honorary Citizen. Zhaksylyk Omar, the Governor of the regional center, specially arrived to congra...

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25 Years of Continuous Improvement

The first

largest company in the East Kazakhstan region


metallurgical complexes

The third

largest philanthropist in Kazakhstan


thousand children in orphanages and boarding schools, and elderly people are under the umbrella of constant support of metallurgists


Paryz awards


cities and townships of Kazzinc presence


operations digitalization projects launched


industry specific Golden Hephaestus awards for the accomplishments in mining and metallurgical sector


thousand employees attend training and refresher training courses every year


million US dollars donated by Kazzinc to Birgemiz Foundation in support of anti-pandemic efforts


kilograms is the weight of one gold bar produced by Kazzinc


sports facilities built or renovated in the cities of presence with the support of Kazzinc


thousand tons of SO2 were reported as reduction in emissions owing to the New Metallurgy Project


thousand contracts signed annually with domestic companies


residents of East Kazakhstan were awarded by Kazzinc with Izgi Jureq prize for putting their lives at risk when rescuing other people


world-class athletes trained at the sports facilities co-sponsored by Kazzinc


Charity and sponsorship projects cost Kazzinc seventeen billion tenge a year


elements of Mendeleev's periodic table are extracted from the feed processed by Kazzinc operations


community investment construction projects were co-sponsored by Kazzinc in the cities of presence


thousand employees work in the Company


awards presented at the national and international level (computer technologies, social performance, industry leadership)


thousand square meters of Kazzinc's Ust-Kamenogorsk site were landscaped.


years of continuous improvement!

social and medical facilities received Kazzinc’s support during the Covid-19 pandemic

years of continuous improvement