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Modern Integrated Industrial Company

  • The Company's core operations are in six residential areas in Kazakhstan.
  • Four upgraded concentrators
  • Two metallurgical complexes

A Team of True Professionals

  • 20,000 employees
  • 11,000 employees take annual training courses paid by the Company
  • It costs the Company KZT1.0 billion.
  • 9,500 employees are trained in three and more allied professions

High Quality Products

  • 23 finished products
  • A proprietary process is used for refined gold production. 
  • The Company’s gold and silver are under Good Delivery Brands on the London Bullion Market ("Deer" brand).
  • Kazzinc produces 80% of Kazakhstan bank gold.

Responsible Environmental Protection Policy 

  • Since its foundation, the Company has invested over KZT 96 bln in environment protection.
  • In 2022 Kazzinc will be the first in Kazakhstan to implement the best available environmental protection technologies. 
  • 18 types of wastes are recycled and reused. 
  • The water recycling rate is over 98%.


  • Kazzinc contributes in taxes 40% of the total East Kazakhstan regional budget. 
  • Annual contributions to community development exceed KZT 11 bln.
  • The Company supports health care, educational, sports and cultural institutions.
  • The share of Kazakhstan content in procured goods and services is above 70%.

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Latest news


Kazzinc CEO was awarded with a badge of Ust-Kamenogorsk Honorary Citizen.

On the eve of Constitution Day Alexander Khmelev, Kazzinc CEO, was awarded with a special title and a badge of Ust-Kamenogorsk Honorary Citizen. Zhaksylyk Omar, the Governor of the regional center, specially arrived to congra...

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IT Technologies used at Kazzinc give a chance to take a look into the future

JSC Altyntau Kokshetau, one of Kazzinc's operations located in Kokshetau, uses special software to define ore reserves in the open pit.

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Kazzinc-Energo Director Was Awarded a Medal Established by the Kazakhstan President

Irina Salnikova, Director of Kazzinc-Energo was awarded a medal established by Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Constitution.

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The Best Manager-2020 has been determined

Yevgeniy Veselov, Truck Fleet Manager, Kazzinc Trans Ridder site, has won the Best Manager-2020 awards.

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Kazzinc Employee is the Winner of WorldSkills Shygys-2020

Savely Chechetkin, a young employee of the Machine Building Plant of Kazzinc - Kazzincmash, won the prestigious professional contest.

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Kazzinc Released 300’000 Carp Fries into the Bukhtarma Reservoir

Kazzinc is one of the largest natural resource users in Kazakhstan. Its environmental program includes stocking of the Bukhtarma reservoir. Being a key partner of the Bukhtarma Fish Hatchery, Kazzinc annually allocates funds...

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A Special Practice Site has been created at Ridder Kazzinc-Shakhtostroy

Ridder Training Center (East Kazakhstan) has improved training of newly recruited staff. Theoretical training is now supported by hands-on activities at the Practice Site created at the discretion of Kazzinc-Shakhtostroy IC m...

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Kazzinc employee rescued two people from the fire

On October 20, Igor Medvedev, furnace operator of Lead Plant, Ust-Kamenogorsk Metallurgical Complex, Kazzinc Ltd, rescued two neighbors from the fire

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23 Years of Continuous Improvement

The first

largest company in the East Kazakhstan region


metallurgical complexes

The third

largest philanthropist in Kazakhstan


billion tenge spent on environmental protection in 2019


thousand workers participated in construction and commissioning of the Copper Plant in Ust-Kamenogorsk


residential areas host the Company's operations


production digitization projects


million tpa of ore is the capacity of Altyntau Kokshetau Gold Recovery Plant - Kazzinc's operation in Akmola region.


thousand employees attend training and refresher training courses every year


faculties in the Corporate University


billion tenge invested in social projects in 2019


Kazakhstan regions host Kazzinc’s long-term partners


thousand tons of SO2 were reported as reduction in emissions owing to the New Metallurgy Project


thousand contracts are signed annually with the domestic companies


world-class athletes were trained at the sports facilities co-sponsored by Kazzinc


socially important facilities co-sponsored by Kazzinc have been built in Ust-Kamenogorsk


million tenge were donated to equip the maternity clinic in Altay in 2019


elements from Mendeleev's periodic table are extracted from the feed processed by Kazzinc operations


national and international awards


thousand employees


students of Nazarbayev University toured the Company's sites in 2019


thousand square meters of Kazzinc's Ust-Kamenogorsk site were landscaped.


years of continuous improvement!