The Mining History Museum Has Been Opened in Ridder The Mining History Museum Has Been Opened in Ridder


The largest mining and metallurgical company of Eastern Kazakhstan has presented its new historical and cultural project - the Ridder Mining and Metals History Museum. The new public space demonstrates the history of mining town development using a modern style.

The museum is located in a Kazzinc office. While being there, one can get familiar, in a digital format, with the most significant achievements of Ridder citizens over one and a half century.

Guests may observe special tools and equipment components that were used by miners decades ago. A 3D model of the Dolinny Mine - one of the most modern in Kazakhstan - is also presented here. The exhibit allows understanding how the mining industry operates using the most technological solutions.

In addition, visitors will be able to see samples of ore that is mined at Ridder.

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