Ridder Metallurgical Complex Celebrated 55th Anniversary Ridder Metallurgical Complex Celebrated 55th Anniversary

The Ridder Metallurgical Complex of Kazzinc has celebrated two anniversary events at once - it has produced 5.5M tonnes of zinc for 55 years of operation.

This would be enough to zinc-plate bodies of 40 million light vehicles. If put into a line one after another, these vehicles will bend around the Earth equator four times.

The Ridder Metallurgical Complex (RMC) has been in operation since 1966 and a part of Kazzinc since 1997. Nowadays, the site produces the top quality products - high grade saleable zinc with a zinc content of 99.995%, zinc-aluminum alloys and small amounts of sulfuric acid.

TsV 0 grade zinc is one of the brand identities of the operation.

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