Silver is the second precious metal produced by Kazzinc. In 2019, the Company produced 4'546'000 troy ounces of silver.

Precious Metals Refinery of Ust-Kamenogorsk Metallurgical Complex produces silver by purification of Dore alloy, smelting and further processing of silver-bearing concentrates. The produced metal is included in the Good Delivery List with the London Metal Exchange (Deer).

Product Name:

Refined Silver

Production Site

Precious Metals Refinery, Ust-Kamenogorsk Metallurgical Complex

Process Flowsheet

Melting of precious metals bearing feed with Zn distillation and further condensation, cuppelation to produce Au-Ag alloy, electrolytic Ag refining and bars melting.

Production output per year:

1,200 tpa


  • batteries
  • Batteries made of silver compounds have high energy density and massive energy absorption capacity and are capable of generating heavy current at low inner resistance.
  • coins
  • This precious metal is highly valued as it is used for making commemorative coins.
  • awards
  • Medals with high silver content remain stable when exposed to atmosphere.
  • microwave ovens
  • Due to its high conductivity and oxidation resistance, silver is used for coating the inner surface of wave guides.

Ag (min)


Au (max)


Pt+Pd (max)


Bi (max)


Te (max)


Pb (max)


Fe (max)


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