Kazzinc Helps with Urban Improvements Kazzinc Helps with Urban Improvements


Kazzinc jointly with the government of Kurchatov - a town in the Abay Region, and also with non-government organizations, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The MoU provides for significant funds to be allocated for renovation and landscaping of outdoors territories of town residential buildings.

The Metallurgists have allocated one hundred and fifty million tenge for this initiative. With joint efforts of the MoU parties, twelve yards will be paved and improved to create a comfortable and favorable environment for citizens of Kurchatov.

Company representatives noted that even though Kurchatov no longer belongs to the East Kazakhstan Region, it is still important for the whole country. The natioFFnal scientific resources are concentrated here, and all conditions are created for fundamental studies. In addition, Kazzinc has been implementing one of the joint projects here. Earlier, the Company has already invested and in the town infrastructure and continues this practice.

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