Kazzinc Helped to Repair Apartment Buildings in Zhairem Kazzinc Helped to Repair Apartment Buildings in Zhairem


In the village of Ulytau region, with the support of Kazzinc, a large-scale social project - repair of roofs and basements of apartment buildings - was completed.

There is a new Mining and Concentration Complex of the Company in Zhairem, which has become a priority industrial project. Kazzinc has identified one of the most important tasks, which is to improve the quality of life of local residents, most of whom work at the production facilities.

Apartment building repair works were carried out during the last three years (since 2021) within the framework of a tripartite agreement between the Mining and Metallurgical Company and the Akimat of the region.

To date, all 16 multi-storey buildings have had their roofs and basements repaired.

Moreover, Kazzinc has purchased additional special equipment. The village fleet has been supplemented with a dump truck and a 10-m3 water truck.

Since 2016, Kazzinc has invested more than KZT 5 billion in social projects of Zhairem.

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