Kazzinc Welcomes to Join the Research Work Kazzinc Welcomes to Join the Research Work


The company has identified the most priority projects for scientific research. Specialized organizations interested in joint work can apply with suggestions and/or questions to the e-mail address of Kazzinc Research Center Office.NIC@kazzinc.com.

List of topics considered for the research:

Pos. No.



Purpose, Expected Result


Mining Operations


Development of Options for Underground Mining of Vostochny Area of Zhairem Mining and Concentrating Complex (2024-2025)

Develop economically feasible mining technology taking into account surface facilities


Study and development of technical regulations for mining and processing of spontaneously combustible ores of Dalnezapadny area of Zhairem Mining and Concentrating Complex (2023-2024)

Develop technology to address industrial safety issues and environmental requirements


Study and development of process procedure for the design of Chekmar deposit development, taking

into account the requirements of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Obtain baseline data, key provisions and recommendations for mining plan and design development


Development of process procedures for newly explored but non-operating fields (2023-2024)

Expand the resource base by including new sites suitable for mining



Mineral Processing


Laboratory research on processing of zinc oxidized ores

Assess ores processability


Reduction of arsenic content in copper and gravity concentrates obtained from copper slag processing

Improve copper concentrate grade by reducing impurities


Research on selection of high carbon content gold-arsenic concentrate

Obtain additional raw materials for processing


Performing mineralogical analysis to study quantitative and material compositions of rocks in ores and concentrates using a polarizing microscope in transmitted light

Make a decision to conduct research based on the material composition analysis


Improving the quality of zinc concentrate by reducing impurities:

silicon dioxide, potassium, sodium.

Improve zinc concentrate quality


Metallurgical Operations


Processing of zinc slags from lead production

using the hydrometallurgical method

Develop a feasible and cost-effective technology and solve environmental tasks


Processing of zinc tailings generated from copper slags,

using the hydrometallurgical method

Develop a feasible and cost-effective technology and solve environmental tasks


Removal of impurities from wash acids at the Acid Plant

Produce high-grade commercial acid


Physical and chemical characterization of metallurgical dusts in terms of adhesion on cooling surfaces of waste heat boilers and on surface of ESP discharge electrodes to develop specific engineering solutions for implementation

Reduce downtime of metallurgical equipment, increase secondary power resource generation


Technology and equipment development for a local emission-free autonomous plant for automobile catalysts processing

Produce a commercial concentrate from platinum metals. Waste-free production.

Reduce environmental impacts


Development of kinetic models of pyrometallurgical equipment allowing for online modeling of internal processes,

using kinetic and thermodynamic functions and parameters.

Produce practical models of pyrometallurgical equipment (blast furnaces, FB furnaces, autogenous smelting furnaces) with parameters visualization:

- feed, molten materials, dust and gas flows inside the equipment:

process heat gradients and heat transfer processes;

physical and chemical characteristics of initial materials and products by phase (gas, dust, solids, liquids, etc.);

heat & mass balances




Studies to determine hazardous properties of wastes in accordance with the new Environmental Code

Complete studies to check the compliance with the criteria established in Article 342 of the Environmental Code and in Order #314, 06.08.2021, by the RK Acting Minister for Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources


Studies to determine chemical and biological characteristics of water in the TSF oxidation pond

Determine water treatment methods to bring it to the pre-set values

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