How will the pay change for metallurgy and mining personnel? How will the pay change for metallurgy and mining personnel?


One of the country’s largest mining & metallurgical companies - Kazzinc - has replied to the reporters’ question about the pay raise. Its operations are going not just to increase salaries, but modify the remuneration system itself.

Kazzinc CEO, Alexander Khmelev answers the question:

- Last year, the Company’s Union submitted us an initiative to consider a pay raise. Together with our HR Department a massive effort was then done, including analysis and digital modelling of the entire remuneration system across the Company. After exploring various scenarios we, jointly with the Union, have come up with a resolution on changing the pay calculation system. So, effective January 01, 2022, the salaries across the Company have changed.

- What will the raise be?

- The total payroll is increased by 25-30%. However, this does not necessarily mean that each and every employee will get this percentage of growth. As I said before, the system itself has been revised to factor in operations staff categories, grades, classes and remuneration schemes. By doing this, we have sought to make the raise higher for those with lower salaries. It's worth emphasizing, that each operations worker has got his pay raised.

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