Kazzinc Helped Launch an Inclusive Classroom at a School Kazzinc Helped Launch an Inclusive Classroom at a School


With Kazzinc’s support, a special classroom has started functioning at School #36 in Ust-Kamenogorsk, where children with special educational needs can develop their skills.

Twenty children with special needs started attending this school a year ago. With the inclusive approach applied to them, they learn together with other students. However, during the past academic year, girls and boys wFFho need an adapted teaching methodology, attended school without being able to use an inclusive classroom - a specially equipped space where children may have additional communication with specialists.

Thanks to Kazzinc, the school started the new academic year with an inclusive classroom. The spacious premises comprise a stress relief room. To have this room equipped, the school management, with Company’s support, had a classroom renovated, and purchased required equipment and materials.

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