Kazzinc helps Ridder in the Emergency Situation Kazzinc helps Ridder in the Emergency Situation


On November 5 2022 year in the evening an emergency shutdown happened with the boilers at Ridder Thermal Power Plant. This resulted in reduction of heat supply to local community houses.

Representatives of State Administration established an Emergency Response Office to mitigate the failure consequences. A local emergency state was declared. Kazzinc takes active part in resolving such a difficult problem.

On November 6 the Company disconnected its process facilities from Ridder Thermal Power Plant to ensure maximum heat supply to the population. Moreover, Ridder Metallurgical Complex supplies all the process steam volumes available to central heating pipelines.

The Company engaged its contractors and partners to help in eliminating the failure at Ridder Thermal Power Plant. They joined Kazzinc team having been there. Metallurgists provided special equipment (several types of pumps and consumable) as well as 150 tons of heavy oil.

Until Ridder Thermal Power Plant operation is stable the Company is not going to connect its production facilities to this heating power source.

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