Kazzinc Supported the Women in Industry Forum Kazzinc Supported the Women in Industry Forum


The conference “Women in Industry: New Opportunities and Perspectives” was held in the capital city of Kazakhstan. The event was hosted by AMAR – the women’s entrepreneurship association. Kazzinc has supported the event.

As part of the event, experts, representatives of the industry and public associations have discussed ways to reduce the gender gap in major business and represented their best practices.

Kazzinc representatives shared their female employees’ success stories within their own event - the “Non-Tender Gender” contest forum. This has become a platform where women presented various company development projects.

The initiative was highly supported at the conference. In the end, all guests were presented with special “Non-Tender Gender” bracelets - similar to those worn by the participants of the similarly named Kazzinc’s contest.

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