Kazzinc has launched the New Polymetallic Concentrator Kazzinc has launched the New Polymetallic Concentrator


On October 20, the new operation was launched in Zhairem, Karaganda Region.

The new Polymetallic Concentrator capacities will allow about 5Mtpa of ore to be processed.

The major project implementation was due to Kazzinc who acquired the Zhairemskiy GOK (ZGOC) in 2014 and breathed new life into the operations. The construction of the new Concentrator started within the Zhairem Polymetals Project in 2014.

About 2,500 people were involved in the construction. The most recent technologies were employed here. The Project includes the new open pit, the fully automated and highly digitalized Concentrator, and innovative equipment. Almost 500 additional jobs have been created.

ZGOK is expected to be the largest producer of zinc and lead concentrates in Kazakhstan.


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