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A Special Practice Site has been created at Ridder Kazzinc-Shakhtostroy

Ridder Training Center (East Kazakhstan) has improved training of newly recruited staff. Theoretical training is now supported by hands-on activities at the Practice Site created at the discretion of Kazzinc-Shakhtostroy IC management.

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Kazzinc Employee is the Winner of WorldSkills Shygys-2020

Savely Chechetkin, a young employee of the Machine Building Plant of Kazzinc - Kazzincmash, won the prestigious professional contest.

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Kazzinc Released 300’000 Carp Fries into the Bukhtarma Reservoir

Kazzinc is one of the largest natural resource users in Kazakhstan. Its environmental program includes stocking of the Bukhtarma reservoir. Being a key partner of the Bukhtarma Fish Hatchery, Kazzinc annually allocates funds for growing carp fingerlings. 300’000 carp fingelings will replenish the fish stock. Kazzinc also collaborates with the Fisheries Research Center in their studies of local fishery resources

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The Best Manager-2020 has been determined

Yevgeniy Veselov, Truck Fleet Manager, Kazzinc Trans Ridder site, has won the Best Manager-2020 awards.

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Kazzinc-Energo Director Was Awarded a Medal Established by the Kazakhstan President

Irina Salnikova, Director of Kazzinc-Energo was awarded a medal established by Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Constitution.

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IT Technologies used at Kazzinc give a chance to take a look into the future

JSC Altyntau Kokshetau, one of Kazzinc's operations located in Kokshetau, uses special software to define ore reserves in the open pit.

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