An environmental monitoring system has been installed in Ridder An environmental monitoring system has been installed in Ridder


Sensors appeared on the pipes at the Sulfuric Acid Section and Waelz Plant of the Ridder Metallurgical Complex, Kazzinc. The gas generated in the process, passes through these pipes after the required treatment. The sensors will record concentration of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon oxide and dust.

Beyond this, specialized sensors have been installed on the waste water discharge points at the Ridder Metallurgical and Ridder Mining and Concentrating Complexes (after a treatment stage).

Kazzinc was the first in the region who implemented this system, its installation cost being over KZT 4.0 Bln. Information from the sensors is transferred online to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

It should be noted that the activity aimed to reduce environmental impacts continues in Ridder. E.g., eight mine water discharges out of ten have been prevented since 2017 to 2023. As a result, the industrial load on the river network has reduced by 40%. Modification of the operational water treatment plant at the Ridder-Sokolny Mine continues which will enable improvements to the waste water treatment efficiency.

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