Kazzinc-Avtomatika Kazzinc-Avtomatika

On October 1, 2009 Kazzinc-Avtomatika, another Kazzinc subsidiary was established. The subdivision develops and operates process automation systems, communication and video surveillance systems, fire and security alarms.

Kazzinc-Avtomatika was the first in Kazakhstan to introduce a leaky feeder communication system of Canadian origin covering all underground workings in Ridder-Sokolny and Tishinsky mines.

In 2015 the National Center for Expertise and Certification honored Kazzinc-Avtomatika with a diploma and the SAPA (Quality) badge.

Today Kazzinc Automatika develops an automated control system for the new Zhairem Concentrator under construction. The new operation should become one of the most hi-tech and well-equipped industrial facilities in Kazakhstan and the world at large.