Bukhtarma Hydro Power Complex Bukhtarma Hydro Power Complex

Location: on the Irtysh River, 5 km upstream of the town of Serebryansk

The hydro power station is operated by Kazzinc under a long-term concession agreement.

The power station has nine 75 MW turbines with a total generating capacity of 675 MW. Bukhtarma Hydro Power Complex generates 2.4 billion kWt/h electricity per year, 100% is used to cover the company’s demand.

The Bukhtarma Hydro Power Station is the most stable globally known dam.

According to the experts, the dam foundation material will remain stable for another 900 years.

In 2019 the control panel at Bukhtarma HPP was replaced with a digital control panel of Canadian origin.

The control panel reads many process parameters, which enables various processes to be monitored, and the generating capacity to be adjusted.