Andrey Lazarev Andrey Lazarev

Andrey Lazarev

Executive director, Administration

Born in 1978. Has four diplomas in Business Administration, Management, Advertisement and Jurisprudence. He is also qualified in construction. Before his employment with Kazzinc, Mr.Lazarev worked as  journalist, editor and director in several TV and radio broadcasting companies and the news agency. He started as press secretary and have been promoted to a position of the HR Department Manager.  Mr.Lazarev holds a holds a PhD in law and has an academic Master’s Degree with International Business Academy.

State Awards: Kurmet Order of Honor, the commemorative medal “20th Anniversary of the Constitution”, the badge for Outstanding Contribution to Occupational Safety. Mr.Lazarev is a Full Cavalier of the Order of Labor Glory and the holder of Education Patron badge from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2017 Mr.Lazarev won a Gran-Prix in ‘HR Manager of the Year 2017 in CIS’ nomination for his achievements in human resources management and development.

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