Andrey Dobroumov Andrey Dobroumov

Andrey Dobroumov

Technical Executive Director

Born in 1968. A graduate of Tomsk Polytechnical University as a Mechanical Engineer, and of the International Business Academy as Business Manager (2006). His career path began in the machine-building companies in Kemerovo Region. In 1992 Mr.Dobroumov was employed with with Leninogorsk Polymetallic Complex as a hand-held drill rig repair section supervisor. He worked his way up to the Head of Foundry Plant of the Machinery and Repair Shop.

When Kazzinc was established, he remained with the Company and took a position of Chief Engineer of Ridder Mechanical Repair Plant later reorganized into KazzincMash. Then he moved into the managerial position with another Kazzinc’s subsidiary Kazzinc-Remservis. Since 2017 Mr.Dobroumov holds a position of Technical Executive Director of Kazzinc. State Award: Enbek Danky (Labor Glory) Order, Grade III.

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