Turarbek Azekenov Turarbek Azekenov

Turarbek Azekenov

Executive Director, Metallurgy, Director of Ust-Kamenogorsk Metallurgical Complex

Born in 1964. A graduate of Kazakh Polytechnical Institute with a degree in Metallurgy. After graduation Mr.Azekenov was employed with Ust-Kamenogorsk Lead-Zinc Complex as a Lead furnace operator. His later positions are shift supervisor, deputy plant manager and plant manager. He worked his way up to Chief Engineer of the Lead Plant, and then the Lead Plant Manager.

In 2011 Mr.Azekenov took a position of Vice-President, Metallurgy in 2011. He currently holds the positions of Executive Director, Metallurgy and UKMC Director. State Awards: Enbek Danky (Labor Glory) Order, Grades III and II, Kurmet Order of Honor. The winner of the “Metallurgist of the Year” nomination of Golden Hephaestus-2014 national competition. Mr.Azekenov was awarded with the commemorative medal “20th Anniversary of the Constitution”.

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