Igor Kogai Igor Kogai

Igor Kogai

Executive Director, Mining & Mineral Processing

Born in 1961. In 1983, he graduated from the Leningrad Mining Institute after G. V. Plekhanov with a degree in Mining Mechanical Engineering.

Before his employment with Kazzinc, Igor Kogai worked at mining and metallurgical operations in Uzbekistan. During his employment period with Kazzinc, he held positions from a maintenance fitter at the Zinc Smelter to the Director of Copper Concentrator. In 2009, Igor was appointed a Technical Director of an international innovative company.

Igor Kogai joined Kazzinc in 2010 as a Director of the Gold Recovery Plant at Vassilkovsky Mining and Concentrating Complex JSC in Kokshetau, that was later renamed to Altyntau Kokshetau JSC. He had been an Advisor to CEO for two years. Since 2014 to present, he has been CEO of Altyntau Kokshetau JSC.

Since October 2022, he has combined this position with the role of the Executive Director for Mining and Mineral Processing.

In 1992, Igor Kogai was awarded a certificate of honor from the President of Uzbekistan. In 2017, he was awarded a “Kenshi Danky” (Miner’s Glory) of 3rd degree badge.

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