Valeriy Zavyalov Valeriy Zavyalov

Valeriy Zavyalov

Executive Director, Mining and Mineral Processing

Born in 1960. A graduate of Leninogorsk Mining and Metallurgical Technical School as a Mineral Processing Technician in 1979. In 1987 he graduated from the Leningrad Mining Institute with a degree in Mining Engineering. After graduation he worked at a mining operation in Norilsk and the industrial companies in the East Kazakhstan Region.

Valeriy Zavyalov was employed by Kazzinc in 1999 as Deputy Director, Mining and Mineral Processing. In Kazzinc he took the positions of the Chief HSE Manager, General Occupational Safety Manager and Chief Mining Engineer. In 2007-2012 he took a position of the General Manager of Ridder Mining and Concentrating Complex. Since 2014 he holds the title of Executive Director, Mining and Mineral Processing. 

State Awards: 2009 - the Barys Order, Grade III and Kazzinc’s golden honorary badge; the badge “For Outstanding Contribution to Occupational Safety”; Honorary Diploma from the National Association of Mining and Metallurgical Companies; since 2019 a Honorary Citizen of Ridder.

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