Sergey Kozhevnikov Sergey Kozhevnikov

Sergey Kozhevnikov

Executive Director, Exploration

Mr. Kozhevnikov was born in 1973. He graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with a degree in Geology. Later he received a master’s degree in geology in the same educational institution.

He started his career in 1995 at Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Institute as the Head of the laboratory, as well as a Geological Engineer at the Central Research Institute of Geological Prospecting for Base and Precious Metals.

Three years later he was hired by the international mining company, Barrik International Ltd., as a Geologist and geological IT systems Analyst.

Since 2006, he has held senior positions in the field of geological exploration and analytics of geological IT systems at the enterprises of the Canadian company Altynor Gold Corporation and the Swedish company Northland Resources AB.

Since 2013 he has been employed as a Regional Exploration Manager at Kazzinc. In subsequent years, he held leadership positions in the same field.

Since 2022, he has been appointed Executive Director for Geological Exploration.

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