Kazzinc Creates Jobs for People with Health Conditions and Impairments. Kazzinc Creates Jobs for People with Health Conditions and Impairments.

The largest company in the East Kazakhstan Region has launched the Video Monitoring Center as part of the protection of its facilities. Only people with special needs will work here and monitor security online.

Video Monitoring Center has been opened in Ust-Kamenogorsk. The group of sixty is made up almost entirely of hearing-impaired people. Right from the office in the regional center, the employees of the new division are engaged in remote control over the site of the Concentrator of the Ridder Mining and Concentrating Complex - they monitor security and safety through monitors and cameras.

Kazzinc has implemented the project jointly with the Kazakhstan Association of the Deaf. The metallurgists have carried out repairs and adapted workplaces and work environment to the special needs of their future colleagues. In addition, each employee of the Center has undergone the necessary training according to a specially developed program. 15 people work on the duty shift at the same time: there are 11 operators from among people with hearing impairments and one senior operator without disabilities working in the office. Also 3 employees with special needs will review the video archive from their homes. Two of the remote workers live in Ridder and one - in Ust-Kamenogorsk. For each of the 15 shift workers, a special workplace is equipped. Additionally, the Monitoring center provides a recreation facility, equipped with the necessary household appliances, utensils and furniture.

Employees of the Video Monitoring center after training will have the opportunity to improve their professional skills - a mentor will be assigned to the team on an ongoing basis. And for the better mastering of practical skills, experienced specialists of the Company will conduct special trainings.

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