Kazzinc monitoring tailings dams via satellite Kazzinc monitoring tailings dams via satellite

Kazzinc is striving to make the Talovsky TSF operation in Ridder as safe as possible. The facility was built back in 1979. Today it is the place where tailings from Kazzinc mining and processing operations are deposited.

Our mining team makes continuous attempts to upgrade the tailings operation. Introduction of satellite monitoring in 2017 was one of them. It is intended to obtain more reliable information. The satellite measurements may be useful in detecting potential subsidences or dam movements and responding accordingly.

In 2018 the decision was made to reinforce the dam structure to ensure further improvements of the dam safety. In June 2020 construction of the dam buttress was completed. And today the dam’s stability is twice as high as the FoS required by legislation. The today's structure can withstand an earthquake magnitude 8 and greater.

Kazzinc keeps local community engaged and share information through leaflets, videos, special posters to explain the vital rules in case of natural or man-made emergency situations.

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